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Public Notice:

I, Joe Testerman, the Director of Animal Control would like to personally thank all of my supporters during this time. Animal Control is a hard job filled with stresses and emotions as we perform our required duties,but it is also a very rewarding position as we have an opportunity to help people and animals every day. Ashe County Animal Control is a very small department and we are like family. We constantly strive to provide the best services that we can to the tax paying citizens of Ashe County. I am just one person, yes I am the face of the department but Animal Control wouldn't be anything without my professional staff that works hard everyday. My staff includes two Officers, Dana Shatley, Jeremy Eller and one part-time Shelter Attendant, Kimberly Moretz. I am proud of my staff and proud that we work for Ashe County Animal Control. It is our responsibility as a local Authority that we enforce all laws pertaining to animals, and to ensure that animals are not being neglected or cruely treated, but it is also our responsibility to protect and support Ashe County citizens to ensure they are safe.  



3-24-2016 Animals in Lansing Update:

On 3-21-2016 at around 3:45pm Animal Control Department did receive a complaint from the same concerned citizen regarding the shelter or dog house for one of the dogs, and voiced concerns about the dogs water source. I did respond and was on scene around 4:15pm and found no one at home. I did take pictures from the roadway of a dog house that appeared to be broken. I did not access the property as I did not have legal justification in doing so as there was no signs of any dog being in danger at this time. I went back out to the property on 3-22-2016 at or around 9:00am and found the owner of the property at home. I explained the reason for my presence and asked if I could inspect the property. The owner did give me consent to inspect the property, and I found that the owner had already corrected the issue by providing a new dog house that was structurallary sound and does meet the requirements for shelter. Regarding the water issue I discovered that the dog does have 24 hour access to a fresh water stream that runs through the property. I did take pictures on 3-21-2016 and again on 3-22-2016. A local animal activist an Ex-Director of Ashe County Animal Control has posted pictures on Facebook regarding this case, but they fail to inform the viewers that this was corrected in less that 24 hours from the time the complaint was made. The dog in question is a very healthy dog, that does have access to food / water / and shelter. This dog sees a Veterinarian yearly and is current on his vaccinations. I truely appreciate this animal activist's intentions as they are truely concerned for these dogs, but the fact that these dogs are kept in a manor that some people may not agree with does not make it a crime. I can assure the people of Ashe County NC that this dog is fine.

Thank you,

Joe Testerman
Director of Ashe County Animal Control
767 Fred Pugh Rd.
Crumpler, NC 28617
336-982-4060 Office
336-982-4061 Fax
Serving the citizens and animals of beautiful Ashe County

Since October - 2002

3-21-2016 Taken from Public Road

3-22-2016 Taken from inside the property

3-22-2016 Taken from inside the property

3-22-2016 Taken from inside the property





Public Notice: Update regarding Animals in Lansing

Ashe County Animal Control did receive 1 call from a concerned citizen on         2-4-2016 regarding the welfare of some dogs located in Lansing, Animal Control Officer did respond and found 6 male dogs on the property some of which were living in conditions that were unacceptable. There was mud and some standing water on this day. At this time Animal Control did not have the Legal Authority to sieze these dogs as they were in no imminent danger. All 6 dogs did have access to dog houses. The dogs were all in good physical condition, and appeared to be healthy. On 2-5-2016 AC did make contact with the owner who had allready worked to improve the dogs living conditions and Animal Control did require him to improve and maintain the living conditions for these 6 dogs and he did. He bedded his kennels with hay, and bedded the dog houses with cedar shavings. AC has been out 6 times since receiving this complaint and the dogs have been maintained with acceptable living conditions. A local animal activist posted pictures and videos of these dogs on Facebook on 2-4-2016 and as a result of her post AC and other County Officials have been receiving hundreds of calls and emails from all over the World. Animal Control will continue to monitor these dogs as we do hundreds of animals year round.

Ashe County Animal Control recieves hundreds of neglect / cruelty complaints throughout a year and our Professional and Trained Animal Cruelty Investigators investigate every complaint we recieve regardless of the criteria. Ashe County Animal Control Issues Citations and or Charges several people every year for Cruelty related charges.






Notice To Public:

Animal Control recieves Cruelty or Neglect reports year round, but as the weather changes more into Winter AC receives calls that horses are being neglected. Last winter Animal Control received and responded to hundreds of Cruelty Complaints. If you suspect that horses or other animals are not being fed or are neglected, please call Animal Control as you can report Neglect / Cruelty anonymously. Animal Control reccommends that you ( the concerned citizen) do not trespass, please do not feed animals that are not yours. To properly rehabilitate horses or other animals you need to follow strick diet reccommendations from a Veterinarian. If you over feed animals in this situation you may cause harm, sickness or death. If you have horses or other animals that you are struggling to provide for please call Animal Control as we may be able to help place your animal with rescues. Please do not let your situation turn into a Cruelty Case.



Animal Control Office is open to the public
Monday - Wednesday - Friday 10:00am - 2:00pm
Closed to the public Tuesday - Thursday

Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays

If you are in need of Animal Control assistance please call during our office hours, if you do not get anyone please leave a message. Staff checks voice mail through out the day and we will return your call as soon as possible. If you have an emergency please call 911.

Animal Control Officers are only permitted to respond to calls after hours that constitute an emergency response. Please do not call 911 unless you have a true emergency.



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Did You Know?


  • All dogs and cats in Ashe County are required to have a County Tax Tag. Dogs are required to wear their tag but cats are not.
  • County Tax Tags are lifetime Tax Tags and cost only $10, verses a citation for not having one can cost up to $100.
  • County Tax Tags can be purchased at the Animal Shelter during the hours we are open to the public and also at the Courthouse in the Tax office.
  • The NC state law only allows our shelter to hold animals for up to 14 days, strays or owner surrender.
Why Spay and Neuter your Pets?
  • In 6 years, 1 female dog and her offspring can be the source of 67,000 puppies.
  • In 7 years, 1 female cat and her offspring can be the source of 420,000 kittens.

If you are interested in making a donation by mail please send it to:

Ashe County Animal Control
767 Fred Pugh Rd.
Crumpler, NC 28617

All donations are greatly appreciated and used to benefit the animals. You may also request a receipt.



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